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When it comes to affordable housing, Connecticut isn’t doing very well.

A majority of cities and towns have hardly any housing that may be considered reasonably priced.

the governor and the Department of Housing are trying to push them to do a better job.

The push for this comes from the fact many cities and towns are getting money from the state but they are spending it on other projects.

Some of the wealthier and rural communities are not exactly embracing affordable housing.

Avon is an affluent Hartford suburb. They have some apartment buildings but not many.

“Historically this town has grown up as single-family home community,” said Hiram Peck, director of the Avon Planning and Community Development.

When it comes to affordable housing, he knows the town isn’t doing enough.

There are 60 percent of municipalities that have no zoning regulations, and 25 have no provisions to build multi-family homes.

Peck says two projects recently proposed would build condos. One would be off Bailey Road, but they are not exactly inexpensive, coming in around $300,000. One of those projects was recently voted down.

“A lot of communities do not want to see apartments built. They feel people may be transient and may not have the same values in the community as they have,” Peck said.

The fact is Connecticut needs more affordable housing. Firefighters, police and others who may work in town can’t afford to live there.

The governor says if towns want grant money for other projects they must first show a commitment to build affordable housing.

“We need incentives to overcome our resistance to making sure we have fair and decent housing,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said.

This could be a tough sell for many Connecticut communities, but if they stand to lose money for other projects such as open space, they may rethink their resistance to affordable housing.

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