Ernest Bishop June 11, 2019

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The Moncrieft family of New Haven says they are dealing with major problems inside their Truman St. apartment, including a rat infestation, black mold and a soggy ceiling and walls.

"Obviously, these are in deplorable conditions," said Delienne Moncrieft, the family patriarch. He said his wife Tiquanda and their four children pay $1,650 a month to live conditions not fit even for a pet.

Moncrieft walked News 8’s Mario Boone around the apartment property where garbage and debris littered the grounds. We couldn’t go inside because Moncrieft said his doctor ordered him to stay out due to health concerns. That didn’t stop him from describing the conditions.

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"Mouse droppings, the roof leaks continuously, the stair case is caving in when you walk up, it smells like dead things died in the wall, you know. It’s ridiculous," he said. Moncrieft gave us pictures of rat droppings in a purse, on the floor and of a pancake box which had been chewed through by rodents.

"It’s unlivable," Moncrieft explained.

The last straw came when Mrs. Moncrieft took ill.

"She caught very bad asthma attacks from the mouse droppings and the mold and mildew that’s inside, I mean, to the point of death," he uttered.

New Haven housing inspectors ordered the landlord, Avon Dream Housing, to put them in a hotel where they’ve been crammed for a month. The landlord declined to go on camera, but did tell News 8 efforts are underway to repair problems identified in a city housing inspection report.

"The place should be condemned," he demanded. "No one, a dog shouldn’t even be in this place, honestly."


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