Ernest Bishop June 26, 2017
Find a Good Apartment

Using the famous tool Craigslist is a popular way to find apartments. But the thing that renters must keep in mind is that there are some drawbacks of using craigslist also. There are scams and frauds that go on craigslist, and many fall victims to these scams. If you are carrying, apartment rentals search on Craigslist, read the following tips to stay safe from scammers.

It is trendy on craigslist these days that a crook gets access to an apartment and plays the role of a real owner of the property to rent it out. They offer a deal to you upon your contact with them. You swallow the bait and in your planning to get a good option fast, you deposit the security and the first month’s rent for nothing on the real ground. When looking for an apartment on craigslist, it is important to verify the owner of the apartment before making any payment. The easiest way is to take some time off and visit the apartment. You can easily find the phone number of the owner of the real address and then you can call the owner to confirm his identity.

You can also find many offers that are too good to believe. Often such ads are to allure renters into a scam, and you need to be at the best of your mind to avoid them. Also, check the ad carefully and if it is full of grammar mistakes and spelling errors, go ahead with high caution. It might be a fake ad for new Haven CT apartments.

Get acquainted with local housing business and know the rents and realtor fees. Local classified ads can help you in this regard. Other websites also are a great way to know more about apartments for rent. Once you become familiar with the trends in apartment renting market, you’ll easily be able to spot the ads that are fake.

While scanning craigslist new haven apartments, be alert to email messages that are titled as “act fast.” This is just another way used by the scammers to convince you to be quick in reserving the spot by paying the initial deposit. Typical scammers will ask you to submit a rental application before you even see the property. This is a wicked way to get your bank account number and social security details. Never submit the application before you view the unit and meet or verify the real owner of your future apartment. The only thing that a genuine apartment owner asks you is your photo ID.

With the above tips, it must be easy for you to avoid scammers and fraudsters on craigslist or anywhere else. Be guard of your money and never trust anything that has even a little doubt of being genuine or real. Search for apartments in new haven through genuine ads and find real owners to deal with.