Good Apartment

Ernest Bishop May 23, 2018

Twitter The NYC Metro Area (image via DCP presentation) New York City has seen rapid post-recession population and job growth, while housing development has not kept pace, and while areas in the metropolitan area surrounding the city have also seen growth, it has been at a slower pace than the city’s. Still, there are 1 […]

Ernest Bishop February 22, 2018

AVON, CT (WFSB) – When it comes to affordable housing, Connecticut isn’t doing very well. A majority of cities and towns have hardly any housing that may be considered reasonably priced. the governor and the Department of Housing are trying to push them to do a better job. The push for this comes from the […]

Ernest Bishop February 2, 2018

HAMDEN, CT — Companions & Homemakers, which has provided in-home care services for the elderly for more than 25 years, has opened a new location at 2518 Whitney Avenue in Hamden. The relocation of the New Haven office puts Companion & Homemakers in a more convenient location for clients and their families living in the […]

Ernest Bishop June 26, 2017

Want to search on craigslist for an apartment? Sleeves up! Let us get started. Turn on your PC and open the browser. Now open almost twenty tabs and start with the keyword search on craigslist. Try to remember everything linked to your new apartment. If you have rented an apartment before, it will be easier […]

Ernest Bishop June 26, 2017

Finding a good apartment is the first concern of every employee when he wants to settle in a comfortable home. When the income of a person becomes stable, and life seems going smoothly on its track, you start thinking and planning for a home that has the real comfort of life for you and your […]

Ernest Bishop June 26, 2017

Using the famous tool Craigslist is a popular way to find apartments. But the thing that renters must keep in mind is that there are some drawbacks of using craigslist also. There are scams and frauds that go on craigslist, and many fall victims to these scams. If you are carrying, apartment rentals search on Craigslist, read the following tips to stay safe from scammers.